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Gründung der Continental Singers


Cam Floria

Beginning with one tour in 1967 by President and Founder Cam Floria, The CONTINENTALS have grown into CONTINENTAL "WORLD-WIDE" MINISTRIES including over 15,000 people and a phenomenal 1,500 concerts a year. We have performed in all 50 states and 76 countries. We have now established international groups in many different areas of the world including: South Africa, Brazil, Chile, France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Scandinavia, and Singapore. These young people are being nurtured in their own countries to proclaim Christ in their own languages.

Letter from Cam:

We do want you to know how important you are to us and how your friendship and partnership continues to help encourage the ministry. We want to send the ministry into the new millennium strong and vibrant, reaching the world through music as never before. We are at a very critical moment for The CONTINENTALS. Right now we are at the threshold of an opportunity to see the ministry with greater health and stamina than in many, many years. Last year 1998 has been a year full of hope with our theme for 1998 "Give 'Em Hope". We have national CONTINENTAL groups in Romania, Italy, Japan, Korea, Chile, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, throughout all of Europe and many other countries. Our own national groups have traveled to South Africa, Australia, Guatemala, throughout most of Europe, Philippines, Brazil....the list goes on and on. In 1999 the opportunities that have been extended are challenging and on the front-line of ministry experiences. It is through partners like you that we can keep moving ahead to accomplish all that God has given us to do for 1999 and on into the year 2000. Your response will be critically important to us as we plan our outreach for 1999. You, our alumni, are our greatest source of support. You can see what an enormous impact Continentals has had on your life. God is continuing to change lives today through this ministry. We are so grateful for your friendship and support. We thank you deeply for your continued friendship and interest in this ministry. We will always count you as part of our family.
Cam Floria

Heute sind auf der ganzen Welt hat es verschiedene Büros, welche die Gruppen selbst organisieren. Jene werden schon fast ein halbes Jahrzehnt von dem Gründer, Cam Floria (USA) geführt.

Continental Ministries Europe ist der Schirm aller Europäischen Büros und wurde von Anfang an von Leen und Ria Rivière geführt. Sie haben von dieser einzigartige Berufung ihre Lebensarbeit gemacht und durften viele junge Leute ausbilden, coachen und aussenden. 2009 legten sie ihre Büro-Arbeit nieder und übergaben die Arbeit für West-Europa an die neue Stiftung Continentals.nl. Leen blieb Vorsitzender der Continental Ministries. Die Stiftung Continentals.nl wird von Rob de Jong geführt und vom Vorstand der Stiftung unterstützt, wie auch von vielen Freiwilligen.


Sie sind immer noch da. Noch immer so jung (und jünger) wie damals,
noch immer die gleiche Botschaft wie früher.

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